Wednesday 30 December 2015


The first step to establishing and maintaining focus must start before the match. Talk to each other about what level of support and assistance you want during the day. Most umpires understand that your focus should be at a high level the moment you step onto the field. Try this approach to improving your focus.
  • Understand that the nature of the job dictates that you will get distracted and upset from time to time. Pressure affects everyone and you are no exception. No one is perfect and no one ever will be. All umpires make mistakes – the better ones make considerably fewer and are always working towards “zero tolerance”.
  • Start to understand and recognize the patterns of your anxiety. Combined with your personality type, seek to learn which circumstances are most likely to cause a loss of focus –e.g. excessive appealing, bowlers overstepping, sledging, weather conditions, physical fatigue etc.
  • Start to practice skills to combat the cause of you losing focus. Positive self talk or relaxation exercises are two skills you can employ to stay focused when circumstances dictate otherwise.
  • In the case of missed calls, realize and understand that you will possibly make mistakes. When you do, regroup quickly and acknowledge the mistake to yourself and let your emotions go. Refocus and deal only “in this moment” forgetting about the past over which you have no control and concentrate on the next ball.

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