Saturday 26 December 2015

The 3 + 3 Effect

There are 3 main reasons why umpires lose focus and if affects 3 different types of umpires. It depends solely on the personality of the umpire. Understand which type of umpire you are and be willing to make changes.

1) Querying Decisions: A player or Captain constantly querying decisions might distract the over assertive umpire. Protracted discussions take place with the umpire trying to get back “control” of the situation when in fact the source of the distraction was out of his control anyway. He is distracted in his concentration and focus thereby opening the door to the possibility of a poor decision.

2) The Missed Call: The perfectionist umpire will dwell on a missed call. Even the best umpires are not perfect so don’t feel you should be. Your pride may be dented but accept the mistake and get the rhythm back quickly.

3) Doesn’t Want To Upset Anyone: The “social umpire” might be too concerned with being liked by everyone and lose sight of the task at hand. Excessive appealing and constant pressure will rattle the social umpire and all he wants to do is get things over with resulting in a rash of poor decisions.

It is essential that you begin to understand what personality type you are and what goals and aspirations you have. It is important that you realize and understand what buttons get pushed in certain situations.

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