Saturday 30 January 2016

Focus Techniques for You and Your Partner

Good umpires take responsibility for each other’s focus throughout the match. The importance of constant eye contact, if possible after every ball is vital. For example a batsman previously batting on the crease may not be taking strike a metre outside the crease. Picking these instances up and relaying them to your partner is part of the concept of working as a team.

Teamwork automatically keeps you focused and leads to a cohesive pair that is constantly on top of their responsibilities. Intervals in play create the most likely opportunity for lost focus. The problem is that the level of focus required is hard to reacquire and remember common fact no. 4 – focus must exist before the start/restart. Both umpires should talk about what is going to happen when play resumes, who is bowling/on strike, how many overs etc before walking back out. Enjoy the break in play but enjoy getting back out there.

During a tense period the kind of support you give and receive from your partner can be crucial in the final judgment on your performances. Some umpires like to be left alone while others may want a kick in the pants to jump-start their concentration. Make sure there is no doubt whatsoever about what level of support you or your partner need and prepare for the contingency before the game.

  • Every match you umpire must begin with you being entirely focused on the job at hand.
  • Ensure you are prepared pre match so that your focus is at its highest level.
  • Establish eye contact with your colleague at every possible moment.
  • Establish proper techniques for maintaining concentration during the match.
  • Take responsibility for your actions and decisions. Rely on your partner to do likewise.
  • Double your effort if you feel your colleague is losing focus.
  • Take the time to have a post match evaluation.
  • Recognising your weaknesses is the first step towards solving them.

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