Monday 4 January 2016

Keeping Yourself Focused - Post Match

You might not think that concentration levels would be an issue after the match but the need for an evaluation at the end of the day prepares you for the next day. This can be in the form of a self-evaluation or done with the help of your colleague. Start from the last over of the day and work backwards to the beginning.

The end of the day is fresh in your mind and most often if a lapse occurred that will generate the most information for evaluation. If you have been focused all day you will be surprised at the amount of detail you can recall. If however you were not focused all day there will be “black holes” in your memory which was more than likely when mistakes could have occurred. Ask yourself honestly, “Was that a lapse in concentration or an error in judgment?”

If you don’t have this evaluation on your level of focus you cannot compose a blueprint for improvement.