Monday 3 September 2018

Crease Markings

Dear Sir,

I would like to raise one issue regarding width of the crease markings, which varies from ground to ground. As a result of this, most of the umpires find it difficult to judge No balls, stumping & Run outs, too. If the width of the marking is increased to 2" (inches), I feel it will help umpires to decide where exactly front foot lands with a greater width of the marking, I am of the opinion that the width of the marking should be laid down with prescribed measurement of 2 inches. It should be made  mandatory and may be included in the Law:7 THE CREASES.

I am very much sure that this will make a difference to decide No balls, Stumping & Run outs, with a better clarity. Keeping the width of the marking too small, say 1 to 1 & half inches, is not suffice and umpire does not get better view of landing front foot. I, therefore, feel that the Governing Body of the MCC or the ICC, must look into the issue and implement at the earliest in all first class matches as well as all Ltd overs matches.

These are my personal views of my 35 years of experience in Cricket Umpiring. I am BCCI panel scorer, too.

Thanking you, 

Yours faithfully,
Suhas Sapre
Hi Suhas

I agree that this is an issue worth pursuing with the ICC. I note that the width of the crease lines is not mentioned in Law 7 or Appendix C. I agree there should be standardization. In my time I have seen lines as narrow as 10mm and as wide as 75cm.


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