Thursday 13 August 2015

Making the right decision

The following tips may help you in making the right decisions:

·         If in doubt, not out!
·         Always pause before giving a decision.
·         When appropriate, consult the square-leg umpire.
·         Thoroughly learn the lbw law.
·         Practise your umpiring during net practice sessions. Not only can you improve your feel for making the right call on lbw appeals, you can also work on adjudging front-foot no-balls and caught-behind nicks.
·         Quickly get a feel for the amount the ball is bouncing. You can work with your square-leg partner on a simple set of hand-signals. When an appeal is made you can glance at your partner who can quietly signal to you whether or not the ball would have bounced over the stumps.
·         Don’t be bullied by the fielding team into giving an out decision. The loudness of the appeal is irrelevant. Be confident in your ability to make an unhurried but correct decision.
·         At the bowler’s end you should stand in line with the stumps and at a distance where you can look down over the top of the bails and still just see the batting crease.

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